Saturday, 11 May 2013

We all wonder..dont we

So after 27 years it has finally happened. The great sir Alex Ferguson has stepped down from Manchester united.  As a Liverpool fan, I can say that he is without doubt, the greatest manager in the history of football. No denying that. Year after year he built a team and rebuilt it, he got rid of players at the right team and he won something with kids. But everything that has a beginning must have an end and the great man steps down after reclaiming the title from the noisy neighbours and leaves behind him a fantastic squad brimming with youth and don’t forget the league’s top scorer.

And this is all left to a fellow Scots man who was personally recommend by Sir Alex to replace him and for a long time, has been lauded as his eventual successor. But let me make this point before I continue. No one ever actually thought Sir Alex would retire. Ok, we knew one day it would happen because of his age. But in our heads it just wasn’t conceivable. Manchester United without Alex Ferguson just didn’t seem realistic. Many managers have been mentioned as a potential successor. Pep, Jurgen Klopp, Mourinho and of course Moyes. But the thing is, we never took it seriously about Moyes and the reason for that is because we never thought Sir Alex would go.

But it is now a reality, and David Moyes replaces his fellow country man at the biggest club in the world. So what are the thoughts now he actually IS the manager?  Many comments have been made about Moyes's appointment. Words such as longevity, character, temperament, attitude and have used to describe the new managers qualities. The club say he is the perfect fit and he represents what Manchester United is all about. And let’s not forget he was personally recommended for the job by Sir Alex.

One interesting comment about his appointment intrigues me. “He done a great job at Everton with a shoe string budget, imagine what he can achieve with Manchester united”. Didn’t Fellaini cost 15 million pounds? That’s not a bad shoe string to me. So in his years in charge at Everton on a shoe string budget, what has he won? “But he had no money and we always finish in top half of the table”. Wigan, on a really shoe string budget, have just won the FA cup. Swansea, on a shoe string budget in their 2nd season in the premier league, have won the Carling Cup. Swansea’s record signing is 5.5 million pounds and that’s just this year. Wigan’s record signing is 7 million for Charles N’Zogbia.  Moyes purchased Fellaini for 15 million, Yakubu for 10 million, 9 million on Bilyaletdinov and 8 million on Andy Johnson. That’s not a shoe string to me. And even if Everton fans still think it was a shoe string, his brand of football is nowhere near that of Swansea or Wigan, who play attractive, passing, trophy winning football.  Everton play off Fellaini and work from there. They play percentage football. Can he show his tactical knowledge at Manchester United? Does he have the knowledge to lead superstars to another Premier League crown or European success? Don’t get me wrong, I like Moyes and even as a Liverpool fan, I commend the job he has done at Everton, finishing higher than Liverpool last season and possibly this season and getting the club into Europe, is a good achievement. But, is that enough for Manchester united?  Is that enough to know how to beat Real Madrid away from home? Is it enough to keep Van Persie or Rooney happy? And is Moyes enough to attract new world class players to the club.

Speaking to many Man United fans, they are a bit disappointed by his appointment. Deep down they longed for Mourinho. They wanted him to come in a take the club even higher and achieve european success .They know the type of players he attracts. The fans know the instant respect he would have from his players and every fan in the world loves Mourinho.  So although they are content with Moyes, they are still not overly happy. The other news is now Paul Scholes, the greatest technical midfielder in England, will retire for the 2nd time at the end of the season.  Two irreplaceable legends stepping away. Two icons of Manchester United gone. The Premier League will no doubt be tougher next year. Man City will revamp their team, Chelsea will add to their squad as will Spurs and Arsenal and Liverpool will try to push on. So Moyes faces a huge task. Football has changed since Sir Alex was appointed 27 years ago. No manager is given time, no matter who they are. I hope Moyes does succeed as I like him and it’s always good to see British managers getting a chance at the top. I just wonder….we all wonder. I think even Manchester United fans, for the first time in a long time…really wonder