Monday, 13 May 2013

Someone is still sticking around

It has been extremely emotional lately hasn’t it? Sir Alex saying his farewells to everyone at Old Trafford. The great man stepping down after 27 years at the top. Then, one of the most gifted midfielders of the last 10 years , Paul Scholes, also bid farewell to the Old Trafford faithful for a 2nd time. He too, will step away from Manchester United. Then we go to Merseyside, where Everton say te-ra to their gaffer, David Moyes, as he has the honour of taking the biggest job in world football. And in the red half of Merseyside, Liverpool must now try to find a team without Jamie Carragher in it, after 600 appearances, he too says farewell. Then we have the strange possibility of club record goal scorer, Frank Lampard, saying goodbye to everyone at Stamford Bridge.  That’s a lot of goodbyes and farewells for one season isn’t it? Seems a bit of a morbid end to a season to me

As I sat back on the couch and thought of all the farewells, all the so longs and deserved retirements, I wondered  “ There must be something else about this season…maybe not even in the Premier League but something else that can take us away from the morbid goodbyes and make us smile again". Wigan winning the FA cup…well kind of..I smirked as opposed to smiled. Suarez biting Ivanovic made me laugh in amazement but then I stopped, I swear. Robbie Savages hair always makes me laugh but that wasn’t what I had in mind. There was something that I couldn’t put my finger on. Something I was overlooking. It took me about an hour and then BOOM…I remembered…this lad. Plays football in France, no  no  not that idiot Barton , trying to be so intellectual in one breath and then a savage gurrier in the next , no not him. This other lad.. Plays in France and at the ripe old age of 38 has just won a Ligue one title and the list goes on


Premier league – 6

FA Cup - 2

Champion’s league- 1

MSL winner - 2

La Liga  - 1

Ligue 1 - 1

Winner of Goal of the decade in the Premier League

First Englishman to win four titles in four different countries

First England player to score at three World Cups.

First British footballer to play 100 Champions league games.

Most outfield England international appearances.

Handsome git

Filthy rich


Why it could only be, David Beckham. This man is hard. Some of you may laugh at what I just wrote. “Hard? Are you mad?” Well I’m serious. Beckham has been through hell and back and he is still here. Playing with some of the best players in the world and winning titles.  As the quote goes” if you find yourself in hell, keep going” and that’s exactly what he has done. Kicked out of Manchester United because of the fame circus that surrounded him, he then sets off to the biggest team in the world with Ronaldo (the real one), Zidane, Raul and Roberto Carlos as his new team mates. Then he got told by Capello that he wouldn’t play for Madrid again. Beckham put his head down, trained hard, was called back into the Galacticos and made a massive impact in their title winning run also earning himself a recall to the England team after being told by McClaren that he wasn’t in his plans either… he seems to be in nobody’s plans but he doesn’t care. He just keeps going. He works, grafts, trains, looks after his body and gets on with it. At the age of 38 he is still going. For some reason everyone continuously goes on about Ryan Giggs. Nearly 40 still going blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, he is an incredible player and his loyalty is something that must be admired in the modern game. But me personally, if that was me, I’d want to try a new team, a new league to see how good I really am. I always wonder why he didn’t go to Italy. At the time Italian football was the best in the world and was known for its tactics and amazing defences. Why didn’t he say “I will test myself here and give it a go”. Look, again don’t get me wrong, the medals he has, the longevity of his career, it’s unreal. And I take my hat off to him. But Beckham has done it in England. He has done it in Spain, he went to the MLS when no one else was there. Now look, Tim Cahill, Thierry Henry, Robbie Keane and bigger stadium attendances. Then, he goes to Paris St Germain and wins a title with them. He is part of their title winning squad and lauded and praised by coach and superstar players alike.

The thing I always hear off a lot of football fans is that he is not a good footballer. Lads listen, if he isn’t good, then I’m Bill Cosby. To play for AC Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United and nearly 150 caps for England, you must be truly WORLD CLASS.  Of course he sells a few millions jerseys but that makes him even more amazing. As you may know, I’m a Liverpool fan, but I don’t mind saying he is a player and a man that I truly admire and respect.He helps Paris St Germain win their first title in 16 years and now an offer of another year with bourgeois Parisians is on the tableu.
So as I said, the end of the football has bit of a sad feeling to it. Saying so long to all the legends retiring or moving on. But one still remains. Someone we all love to hate but love at the same time. Mother’s and daughters love him, men envy him and boys want to be him. He has money to last him four life times, so he doesn’t need the wages. He has a big family, houses all over the world and more medals than you have fingers and toes. He is really a footballing giant.
Although it’s hard to say goodbye sometimes, we must still be appreciative of what we still have while it’s here.